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Landscape timbers can be used to:

  1. build planter boxes and raised beds for gardening
  2. separate plants from other common areas of the yard
  3. build a retaining wall
  4. reinforce a slope
  5. make garden steps
  6. make a landscape timber path

River Rocks

Landscape 30Landscape 22River rocks

River rocks are one of the most popular stone products used for landscaping purposes right now. One main reason for this is it’s endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that make it flexible for any landscape design you may have in mind. They can range in size from large to small but they are all smooth and polished which lends an elegant look to any yard.


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Stones can be in natural or made into any shape for the design you want. Stones ca be used for:

  1. drainage
  2. making a retaining wall
  3. a stone path
  4. a stone walkway
  5. a patio


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Bricks are a common medium when thinking about designing a landscape because of their structure. They are uniform in shape and are easy to make into any standing structure or edging. Brick can also come in many different colors making it fit better with your landscape design ideas.


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Mulch is probably the most well known and widely used of all the landscape mediums. The colors run black, brown, and red and can be single, double, or triple shredded depending on the texture you are looking for.