Image 8                                   Trenching                                    Image 7

There are important reasons why trenching can be needed:

Septic Construction/ Repair

Yard Irrigation/ Drainage Trench


Trenching can be a difficult job to perform unless you are a licensed, experienced professional. Simply renting the equipment and trying to complete trenching yourself can have very destructive repercussions. This can become very costly, more so than hiring a professional to do the job right the first time.

Make sure you always research and ask opinions before choosing.Image 6

There are many different pieces of equipment that can be used to trench, such as…

  • Trenching Shovels/ Hoes- These tools are commonly used to create small trenches or to expand trenches that were created using a mechanical trencher. These are not practical for long or wide trenches.
  • Chain-Blade Trencher- They feature adjustable cutting depths, allowing you to make a trench deeper or more shallow by adjusting the boom angle on the blade. Always check to make sure this equipment is in good operating condition as the blades can sometimes come loose or break if too much pressure is applied.
  • Wheel Trencher- This equipment allows you to cut through harder materials such as roots and rocks.
  • Edging Trencher- These are designed to cut small trenches next to a flower bed, house or walkway to allow you to install edging material.
  • Ride-On Trencher- These trenchers use large blades or other digging equipment to dig deeper and wider trenches than you would be able to produce in a single pass with other trenching equipment. Trencher attachments for skid loaders and other ride-on equipment are also available if you wish to convert your existing equipment for use in trench digging.