Lawn Mowing 2

What is the importance of regular mowing?

  • Regular mowing can lead to stronger grass by cutting down the older, dried out pieces and allowing newer, healthy grass to flourish
  • Regular mowing keeps your grass even and maintains a beautiful yard
  • Regular mowing and lawn upkeep can give your lawn the boost it needs to overcome inclement weather, annoying pests, and unfortunate weeds

Lawn Mowing 5

How often should you mow your lawn?

You should mow your lawn when the grass gets 1/3 inches higher than the height you want it cut at. You should keep your lawn at around 3 inches in length. In the spring you may notice that your grass is growing at a fast rate and may need a mow every 3-5 days but weekly mowing usually does the trick. Once summer is over and fall starts to show itself you will notice bi-weekly mowing is adequate to keep up with the grass growth.

Lawn Mowing 1 Let a professional take care of your yard, it shows!