GRADING- It is basically the leveling out of any uneven ground whether for project preparation, better drainage, or visual effect.


This picture shows a graded area and the start of a stone walkway installation.

Image 22

After the grading is completed this picture shows what the finished walkway looks like mulched.

Image 23

Grading can also be used to flatten out an area for the installation of a vegetable patch or garden. This picture also shows a fence around the structure to keep out any unwanted animal attention.


This picture shows an area graded inside a retaining wall so that a swing set can be placed.


Grading a large field for the installation of tree rows. This land will then be over-seeded, fertilized and have straw placed over it to allow fast, healthy grass growth.

pool screaning

As you can see with these many examples, grading is an extremely useful landscaping tool. Some other reasons why you may need grading help is the installation/ repair of a septic tank, ground pipe removal/ placement, or above ground pool installation. Grading takes special equipment and knowledge to do right.