With little space to utilize it is important to carefully analyze the space and how it will be used. Even though your yard may be small it will be important to pay attention to the details as you add them to your yard. This will ensure that you are able to incorporate every aspect of your ideas and create a space that is welcoming, comforting as well as visually appealing.


It is a good idea to have only one focal point in the garden. This can be a piece of art, water feature, an interesting specimen tree or a planter bed. Be careful when introducing surrounding plants as they need to support the garden’s focus and not overpower this area.  If properly placed this will eliminate the feeling of an enclosed and cluttered space that is common in many small gardens.


Make sure to choose a palette that will use only a few colors limiting the spectrum in the garden. Depending on your vision you could choose vibrant colors like reds, purples, and pinks or mix cooler blues with yellow and white.  A limited palette will allow you to create the illusion of more space. Large plantings of single colors will appear larger to the eye. You can also try planting lighter colored flowers in the background to bring brighter colors to the front.


The small garden is a good opportunity for gardeners to use one of the many dwarf plant varieties that are available. Plants that have intricate detail and/or fragrant scents are great choices for small spaces. Always plant taller plants in the back with shorter varieties in front so as not to block any of the foliage.

Image 16Landscape 20

Rockery walls or elevated planting beds will add depth to the landscape. They will even create the illusion of a larger yard.

Trellises are another good option for adding height and dimension to the landscape.

Landscape 18

Container gardening is another option that can be considered as they can provide color and create space. You can also take your container plantings to another level and add hanging baskets with draping plants to create depth and color at eye level.