Beautiful Hardscape Projects

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Brick borders can add unique beauty to any area under a deck.

There is a variety of color combinations.

You can see with the above picture a brick border can keep in river rocks to allow irrigation and a path into your house.

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Retaining walls are normally placed in an area where the elevation of the ground is uneven and you want a structure built that can hold the ground in place. Retaining walls can be made of stone, brick, or timber.

Both of the above pictures show stone work.

Preventing Soil Erosion: A retaining wall can be used to prevent soil from being washed away, through erosion. This wall erects a barrier that traps the water and leaves the compacted soil in place.

Stability: When constructing sloped landscapes they may pose a great challenge. The sloping can cause pressure that may lead to movement of soil. You may need to build a retaining wall, which will help redistribute and accommodate this pressure.

Visual Interest: In order to create a visually appealing landscape design, you may want to try a retaining wall to hold in the soil. The walls could create an artificial hill to enclose your garden, or create a usable surface that you can implement your landscaping ideas.

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Playground Structures

A nice playground can give your children a place to play with their friends and a platform to exercise or use up all their excess energy.